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On the state of linux partitioning tools

It's the year 2008, the quite aged MS-DOS-Partition Table is nearing it's demise because of it's 2TB Blockdevice limit and the wake of multi-terabyte drives (let alone RAIDs). So the time is ripe for a grand new scheme of partitiong, ready to fix all the errors and shortsightedness in the past, and it was hailed GPT. So everybody could rejoice, since there was a worthy successor in place and adoption throughout the industry has picked up. Could they? Theoretically, yes. Even Microsoft supports it by now. But in the linux-fields (at least in Debian) you're in for a serious trip through bat-country. Let's hope they get all of this sorted out for lenny, i'm not too fond of having broken or hardly working partitioning tools in my stable distro. And the travesty the parted fdisk(8)-wrapper is, oh my...

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